Alumni Spotlight

As a USC MSSE graduate, our alumni are spread across the globe making positive impacts on their communities, organizations and industries. We are thrilled to offer this space to highlight their personal professional accomplishments. Scroll through to learn more about our incredible alumni!

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Rebecca Borough, Cohort 1

Rebecca is the founder of Knit Marketing, a digital marketing social enterprise that specializes in education and enrollment marketing by hiring and training high school students to manage digital campaigns....Click here to read more.

Deena Saunders-Green, Cohort 5

Deena Saunders-Green has advocated for Transition Age Youth (TAY) as a social worker, a foster parent, and now a music executive! She started Green Pines Media to teach life skills and create income for artists....Click here to read more.

Ikhsan Putra, Cohort 3

Ikhsan grew up in a multicultural family in Indonesia and speaks English as his 5th language. He works at the intersection of passion, purpose, and profit internationally...Click here to read more.

Jacqueline Ewens, Cohort 4

Jacqueline currently works at Composer, an education technology start up incubated in High Resolves America. She wears many hats across a team of five, including user engagement, marketing, communications, product development...Click here to read more.

Park Cofield, Cohort 4

Park is a consultant for social enterprises, start-ups, and nonprofits. He excels at guiding people and teams through the transition from analog to digital connection. Park is currently prototyping Social Age, a program of empathy based technology training for.... Click here to read more.

Megan Strawther, Cohort 1

Megan Strawther is from Southern California and leads her program's communications and marketing efforts, enrollment activities, alumni engagement, and university partnerships. While at USC, she served as the president and founding member of the MSSE Student Association, won the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge... Click here to read more.

Daniel Musa, Cohort 5

A dual-citizen of both the U.S. and Nigeria, Daniel grew up in Southern California and is a proud double Trojan. Daniel has completed a B.A. in International Relations and more recently, an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship from...Click here to read more.

Keisha Bolden, Cohort 3

Keisha is passionate about health and wealth equity. She is currently the Investor & Community Engagement Associate for Self-Help Credit Union, a national CDFI headquartered in North Carolina....Click here to read more.

Emily Mischel, Cohort 2

Emily is CEO and co-founder at FlexTogether, an online platform that brings the benefits of shared social experiences into the homes of isolated older adults. Emily holds a M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship....Click here to read more.

Karla Salazar, Cohort 4

Karla Salazar is a political and labor consultant. For the past 15 years, Karla has assisted labor unions, political candidates, and nonprofits with strategy, community outreach, lobbying, coaching, and leadership development. Karla has worked for organizations like Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE)....Click here to read more.

Erica Wenger, Cohort 5

Erica Wenger is currently a teammate at Madefor and founder of Mahkana. She attended USC earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Master’s of Science in Social Entrepreneurship. Erica has previously worked for Warner Brothers....Click here to read more.