Deena Saunders-Green , Cohort 5

Bio: Deena Saunders-Green has advocated for Transition Age Youth (TAY) as a social worker, a foster parent, and now a music executive! She started Green Pines Media, to teach life skills and create income for artists impacted by child abuse, neglect and trauma. The company creates original music and sells merchandise created by exceptional artists who have “aged-out” of the child welfare system.

Current city: Long Beach, CA

I am passionate about...

finding innovative ways to advocate for young adults who have experienced child abuse, neglect, and trauma.

What led you to USC and specifically the MSSE program?

I came to USC specifically for the MSSE program. My goal was to create a sustainable social enterprise that would help former foster youth earn an income.

What personal or professional experiences do you believe helped shape your values and worldview?

My faith in God has helped shape my values and world view. Green Pines Media is not a faith-based organization, but advocating for Transition Age Youth is definitely my ministry.

What lessons and experiences at USC and the MSSE program helped build the foundation for your career today?

USC taught me the importance of collaboration and networking as an entrepreneur. The MSSE program taught me the importance of innovation and human-centered design.

What advice do you have for current students?

Get involved and try to find student organizations that share your interests. Also, establish relationships with people outside of Marshall when possible.

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