Keisha Bolden, Cohort 3

Bio: Keisha is passionate about health and wealth equity. She is currently the Investor & Community Engagement Associate for Self-Help Credit Union, a national CDFI headquartered in NC. She recently founded her social impact start-up, The Yoga Mix LLC, to help amplify diverse and authentic voices in the wellness industry. The Yoga Mix is scheduled to launch in Summer 2021.

Current city: Durham, NC

I am passionate about...

living a healthy happy life and inspiring new narratives.

What led you to USC and specifically the MSSE program?

I wanted to find a grad program that combined my interests in business and social impact. And I felt like the MSSE program aligned with my values as well as my professional goals.

What personal or professional experiences do you believe helped shape your values and worldview?

Growing up in North Carolina, I saw my parents and the adults in my family working really hard to make a living and to invest in our future. It shaped my work ethic. Also, living in NYC for 16 years and traveling to other countries deepened my appreciation of family, community, and culture.

What lessons and experiences at USC and the MSSE program helped build the foundation for your career today?

Specializing in marketing while I was in MSSE program helped refocus my career path as I wanted to increase my skillset and still maintain a creative trajectory. And developing meaningful relationships with my MSSE family has been a priceless experience.

What advice do you have for current students?

Being in school is such a special time because people around you really want to see you succeed. Take time to explore the things that interest you. If you find a course, a research topic, or a professor that you resonate with, try to learn as much as you can and incorporate it into your learning path.

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